Tooth & odontode

Catshark jaw
Developmental stages

Tooth and odontode (skeletal units made of enamel or enamel-like, dentine, and pulp) development in extant vertebrates involve similar gene cascades. However, the products are not the same between taxa and the shapes of the teeth and odontodes largely differ at intraspecific and interspecific levels. We review:

  • Gene expression patterns in Scyliorhinus canicula teeth and dermal scales
  • Expression patterns of the same genes in teeth of mammals and teleost fishes
  • The developmental stages used to describe tooth and odontode development

This work aims at pointing out the similarities and divergences in gene expression patterns in teeth and odontodes within different vertebrate taxa. We also show evidence of multiple missing data, at intraspecific and interspecific levels and discuss on their need to better understand the developmental and evolutionary processes involved into extant tooth and odontode shape divergences.

Methods: literature review - F Berio & M Debiais-Thibaud (2020). Evolutionary developmental genetics of teeth and odontodes in jawed vertebrates: A perspective from the study of elasmobranch fishes. — Journal of Fish Biology, 1-13.

Working with: Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud