Intraspecific tooth
shape variation

Vertebral column
Fidji Berio

Shark teeth undergo lifelong replacement. Tooth shape changes are known to be correlated to diet and behaviour (mostly related to reproduction) modifications during the life of a specimen.

The aim of this project is to detail the tooth shape variation in Scyliorhinus stellaris (a phylogenetically close-related species to Scyliorhinus canicula):

  • Between females and males
  • Within specimens of different growth stages
  • Along the jaw of one individual

By determining the main axes of shape variation within this species, we aim at describing the mechanical constraints that induce the morphologies we observe.

Methods: microCT scans, 3D geometric morphometrics

Collaborators: Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud, Allowen Evin, Daniel Baum (on S. canicula), and Nicolas Goudemand