Postdoc in physiology of walking elasmobranchs

PhD in Evo-Devo of chondrichthyans


Tooth shape

Tooth shape

Tooth & odontode

Evolution of mineralizing cells
in chondrichthyans


Fidji Berio
Scyliorhinus head

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Di Santo lab at Stockholm University. I work on the physiology of walking elasmobranchs (catsharks and skates) and on the mineralization patterns in bony fish in a context of climate change.

Background: I completed a Master degree in marine ecology at the European Institute for Marine Studies and a PhD in evo-devo on cartilaginous fishes, especially on catsharks (scyliorhinids), at the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier. I described their tooth shape diversity using microCT scans, 3D geometric morphometrics, and machine learning. I aimed at deciphering what drives such diversity, including physical and molecular parameters.
I also worked on the axial regionalisation of the vertebral column of skates at the Université du Québec à Rimouski, on the evolutionary history of mineralising cells in chondrichthyans, and on chimaera husbandry in aquaria in partnership with the aquarium Planet Ocean Montpellier. I contributed to the organization of the Comparative Cartilage Biology meeting.



Ontogeny of shoaling under climate change

Effects of temperature on shoaling patterns in zebrafish

Energetic costs of locomotion modes

Walking vs swimming in elasmobranchs

Growing chimaeras in aquaria

Optimal parameters and life history traits


Interspecific tooth shape diversity in sharks

Interspecific diversity of shark tooth shapes: physical constraints?

Intraspecific tooth shape diversity in scyliorhinids

Among sexes and along the ontogeny

Mineralization patterns in chondrichthyans

Cell and matrix types in vertebrae

Shaping a shark tooth: Which proteins?

In vivo and in silico approaches to test the role of specific proteins

Odontode development

Comparing gene expression patterns between teeth and denticles

Two populations: same teeth?

Discriminating teeth from catshark populations

Skates skeleton

Axial regionalisation of the vertebral column in the thorny skate Amblyraja radiata


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Scientific talks

F. Berio, R. Charron, J.-M. Dagouret, F. De Gasperis, A. Éon, L. Lambert, E. Meunier, M. Simonet, N. Verschraegen & N. Hirel (2022). Hatching in an aquarium: First insights from successful breeding of the spotted ratfish Hydrolagus colliei. — Sharks International 2022, Valencia, Spain, Online talk.

F. Berio & M. Debiais-Thibaud (2020). Diversity and evolution of mineralized neural arches in cartilaginous fishes (Chondrichthyans). — Tomography for Scientific Advancement Symposium, Online conference.

F. Berio, S. Enault, M. Debiais-Thibaud (2019). Histological description of cell types involved in the chondrichthyan skeletogenesis. — Comparative Cartilage Biology meeting, Banyuls-sur-mer, France.

F. Berio, A. Evin, M. Debiais-Thibaud & N. Goudemand (2018). Tooth shape variation in the large-spotted catshark Scyliorhinus stellaris.10th Symposium on Morphometry and Evolution of Forms, Bordeaux, France.

Scientific posters

F. Berio, A. Evin, M. Debiais-Thibaud & N. Goudemand (2018). A sex- and stage- dependent smile: Exploring tooth shape variation in the large-spotted catshark. — Doctoral School, Public Prize.

F. Berio, A. Evin, M. Debiais-Thibaud & N. Goudemand (2018). Intra- and interspecific tooth shape variation in sharks: Phenotypic plasticity and developmental constraints on tooth evolution. — 7th EuroEvoDevo, Galway, Ireland & Evolution, Montpellier, France.


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Marine biology
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